Friday, March 02, 2007

A crackhead at the Forum

Weaving through the dance floor at the Forum on Thursday, I spotted a man who I've watched push a grocery cart full of junk down the gritty streets of Baltimore every Sunday for four years. On Thursday night, Andre Royo had a drink in one hand and someone else's hand in the other.

Royo, who plays the crackhead "Bubbles" on HBO's "The Wire," stopped by the AKA party at the Forum on Thursday night. He, like co-star Corey Parker Robinson, is in Charlotte supporting N.C. Mutual Life Insurance Company's efforts to educate the African-American community on building wealth through life insurance. Robinson, who plays Det. Leandor Sydnor, was at the AKA party, too.

At the Forum, Royo exchanged hugs, half-chest bumps and handshakes with partiers who recognized him. Fans of "The Wire" will notice that his wild mane is gone. He said he had to cut it because his tresses limited his acting opportunities to crackheads and characters going to jail or already in jail. He said he’ll be playing a businessman in some upcoming projects.

But be ready, "Wire" fans: Royo said the series finale is coming.


Anonymous said...

I heard that AKA was soooo hot that night at the Forum. Just wish I could have gotten in!