Thursday, July 13, 2006

Tony Rock groupies

During his comedy set on Wednesday, Tony Rock mentioned that he gets plenty of women. I figured he was talking smack until I hung out with him and his crew after the show. It was Rock, two of his boys and about five women who tagged along after the show.

I knew it was going to be an interesting night when we were all sitting upstairs in Cosmos and Tony began ordering rounds of Red Headed Sluts, a Jagermeister-based shot. Jager makes you do crazy stuff. And it did on Wednesday.

At the bar, I asked Tony how many of the people in the entourage were his peeps. Only the two guys.
"I move fast," he said.

I had to give him his props. I've seen groupies before, but this little set took it to another level. First, I'm not convinced that I can call them Tony Rock groupies or just celebrity groupies. All I know is that by the time they finished knocking back at least three rounds of Red Headed Sluts the women were more than a little frisky. They danced all over each other, a couple of girls tongued each other down and two others made sure Tony's boys didn't feel left out.

My friends and I watched in amazement. Who knew a couple of pizzas and some shots of liquor could make women do all that.

Can somebody please explain the groupie mentality to me? What exactly do women or men get out of making a fool of themselves for pizza and free drinks?

Tony Rock is funny

After seeing Charlie Murphy at the Comedy Zone last year and being totally disappointed, I was skeptical about seeing another comedian's brother.

Still, I wanted to give Tony Rock a shot. I was stunned. He was hysterical.

Chris Rock wraps political and social commentary in comedy, Tony does that everyday “what’s up with” style humor. At a nearly sold out show at the Comedy Zone on Wednesday, he talked about going to a McDonalds in a white neighborhood versus a black one, legalizing marijuana and black people’s love of chicken.

“When the bird flu gets here we’re going to be immune.”

Tony Rock did have a few commentary moments. He told blacks to support Mexicans who come here to work and he skewered America’s obsession with fighting illegal immigration. He also ripped the stereotype that all black people act the same. Overall he stuck to comedy. He played off the audience, especially the chick in the sunglasses and the uptight guy in front.

He performs tonight, Friday and Saturday at the Comedy Zone, but tickets are going fast.

Oh, props to opener Scott Oseychik, a local comedian who was so funny I was worried he might overshadow the Rock.

Did you go to the show last night? What did you think?