Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Are man bags sexy?

Hey fellas, is your game tight? In a recent interview with Details magazine, Sean Combs talked about what makes men sexy.

Here’s part of his list:
1. You’ve got to get your smell right. Walk into an elevator with a beautiful woman in it. If you’ve got your scent going in the right direction, she’s gonna be thinking about you when you leave. That’s the way to seal a woman.

2. The lighting design in a home is the icing on the cake. I’m not talking about anything expensive. I’m talking about dimmers. You’ve got to be able to control the mood.

3. I don’t have a lot of body hair. If I did, I’d get rid of it.

4. It’s better to look like you’re wearing something that fits then like you’re wearing a trend.

5. I have a “man bag.” I’m not gonna lie. Just make sure that if you carry one, it’s very, very big, so it doesn’t get mistaken for a pocketbook. (Here's Keifer Sutherland as super agent Jack Bauer saving the world and carrying a man bag)

Sorry, P. Diddy, I was with you until the man bag thing. I don’t care how rich you are men with purses or clutches are not sexy.
Fellas what do you think? What’s your best technique to scoring with the ladies? And ladies, what does a man have to do to woo you?
Post your replies below.