Friday, January 19, 2007

Can you find love in a bar?

I’ve been reading the exchange on the “Who Needs a Husband” post. The comment by “Kevin” still gnaws at me. No, not the part about me hating men, blah, blah. That’s typical.

I’m talking about his comment criticizing me for talking to women at Fox & Hound. For some reason, I often hear people say you can’t meet anyone of substance in a club or bar. It makes it sound as if every person that hangs out or occasionally visits bars is not marrying material. At the same time, people often say single folks should meet a church-going girl or guy, as if people who go to church don’t go to clubs.

What do you think? Can you meet a person of substance at a nightclub? Post your replies below.

Frankie J Coming

Frankie J is performing at Amos’ Southend on Feb. 16. The pop-Latin sensation is riding the wave of hits such as “That Girl.” Tickets are available at

FYI: The weekend of Feb. 16 is going to be crazy. Frankie J will be that Friday at Amos’. Then on Feb. 17, NV nightclub will celebrate Mardi Gras with a huge spectacle of beads, Dixieland Jazz and masks. Wait, there’s more. On Feb. 18, Musiq Soulchild performs at Amos’ Southend, and on the same night, it’s the Bartender’s Ball at the Blake Hotel. I’m tired thinking about it already.