Monday, July 17, 2006

Mary J. Blige was trippin'

Can't see the picture above well? That's because it's Mary J. Blige running off stage after a quick shout-out at the Big Chill on Sunday.

I was not a happy camper.

I was already irritated that the Mary J. Blige party moved from the Forum to the Big Chill. I'm not a fan of the Big Chill. They charge too much for drinks. I paid $6 for a Jack on the rocks at the White Affair at the Blumenthal Saturday. I paid $8 for the same drink at the Big Chill.

But I digress. MJB performed Sunday at Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre. I arrived shortly after midnight. It's a light crowd. As usual for artists, MJB hasn't made her entrance yet. About five minutes later, she walks onto the stage, says hello, thanks fans, tells them to have a good night and then leaves.

I kid you not. That was it. She didn't hang in the VIP. Nothing.

I heard she was disappointed more people didn't show up. That's fine, but don't punish the people who did come out. I've seen plenty of celebrities at parties, and many who are as big or bigger than MJB. They usually do the VIP thing and at least shake a few hands and pose for pictures.

MJB's behavior Sunday night, especially considering that she got pizzaid to be there, makes me think she hasn't grown as much as she thinks she has.

Do you go celebrity parties? What was your favorite? What was the worst?

Skydiving in Chester

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's Frenchie.

I'm standing in the doorway watching clouds zip below me. My tandem partner is connected behind me yelling instructions. Knees in. Back straight. Squat. She grabs my head and pulls up.

This is the moment when I'm wondering why the heck I decided to skydiving - again.

I'm the first jumper out of a group of four -- my girl, L-Boogie and Frenchie -- on Sunday at Sky Dive Carolina in Chester. The Charlotte Breezers, a black social and snow ski club, organized the outing.
My girl is terrified. L-Boogie is hype. Frenchie is slightly nervous. I'm faking stoic, but I went to the bathroom all morning long. (For the record, my girl is now hooked and wants to be aninstructor. And Frenchie and L-Boogie are glad they went.)

Now, I'm standing at the doorway wondering if I'm going to scream during the entire freefall like I did last time.

My tandem instructor, Heidi, launches us out of the plane. I scream. My heart races. Air rushes into my mouth. Suddenly, I get used to the feeling of falling, no it's more like flying and I stop screaming.

I take short breaths so my mouth doesn't dry out and hold my arms. I arch my back and plummet, mentally scream curses and know I'll definitely do it again.

Skydiving is the closest I'll ever get to flying like a eagle, and the seconds of terror are well worth that thrill.

What's the scariest thing you've ever done? Post your replies below.