Thursday, February 09, 2006

What I also thought of the Grammys

Hands down, Kanye West's performance with Jamie Foxx was off the chain. No matter how pompous he is, you have to give him credit. That was as memorable as Eminem walking in with the white T-shirt clones. But earlier, what was up with Kanye's Cameo-esque black gloves and the white suit. And as one of my co-workers said, he really should button his shirt.

Paul McCartney trying to rock out was comical. He sounded and looked so stiff when he said, "I want to rock - now." He reminded me of why the Super Bowl planners didn't want anyone over 40 on the field. I will admit, however, I liked seeing him join Jay-Z and Linkin Park. Plus, I liked how that performance ended with a shot of the late Coretta Scott King on the big screen. Nice touch.

What was up with the Gorillaz's Murdoc wearing the cape and tightie-whities? I'm outraged the network didn't blur his pelvic thrusts. (Okay, not really.)

Kelly Clarkson's acceptance speeches felt the most genuine. I like her more each time I see her live. She's totally shed that American Idol label. American who? what?

On the country front, I loved Keith Urban. He looked scrumptious in those jeans, T-shirt and a razor hasn't touched my face in days look. Sugarland sounded flat and I could hear the tech people doing mike checks. (People, people, we're live here.)

Wait, why was Mariah Carey trying to out-churchify Mary J. Blige. Can't be done sweetheart, let it go. Mariah honey, a word of advice. You're new to hip-hop and R&B. You've always been the pop princess. Stick to your screeching don't try to take it to church on the same stage as the Queen of hip-hop and her princess Tay-Tay (that's Fantasia).

Seriously, I the "Emancipation of Mimi" is a slamming album, but did Mariah really think she was going to break the Grammy record for women? She went from being a pop princess that young girls tried to copy to being an R&B singer who sounds like Ciara, Beyonce and every other singing rumpshaker.

What did ya'll think? Post your replies below.