Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Good times at Petra's

A cute waitress named Autumn sang “Unchained Melody,” and later, an adorable waiter named Jason sang “Imagine.” Between their solos, pianist Nathan Hefner played tunes while brave audience members took turns on the mike at Petra’s in Plaza-Midwood.

The cabaret and piano bar finally opened this weekend. There was a line out the door on despite heavy rains last Friday night. Packing the small club were friends of owner Petra Fugger and creative directors Robb and sister Connie Huddleston and Chris Hollar.

Petra’s is tastefully decorated, with dark hues, mirrors and chandeliers. The staff and patrons were friendly. It’s the kind of place that could easily become your regular hangout.

Petra’s drew (and will likely continue to draw) a predominately gay crowd, as well as heterosexual women who like hanging with gay men.

It’s an alternative to Liaison's and the dance club scene of Velocity and Eagle.

If you’re open-minded, then Petra’s is for you.