Sunday, January 15, 2006

Worst day of my life

Saturday started great. I rocked my Darrel Green jersey all day and random people on the street were wishing me good luck. Other Redskins fans gave me dap.

When I arrived at Picasso's on East Boulevard at 4 p.m. I saw maroon jerseys lining the bar. Tim, the bar manager, sat in the middle nursing a beer and greeting fellow fans. (He wasn't working.) I snagged a stool next to John and his friend, both Loudoun County, Va., transplants. Carlton, a D.C. native, pulled up stool beside me.

For the next three hours, it felt like Fed Ex stadium. We banged on the bar, jumped out of seats, gave high fives, did shots of Jager, chugged beer and hung our heads in utter frustration as the Redskins took us on an excrutiating ride to defeat. The emotions we felt during the Seattle game is quintessential Redskins. They build our hopes and then break our hearts.

I was so depressed after the game, I cussed out my roommate -- a Panther fan and a really nice guy -- and another friend who simply asked who won the game. (I apologized to both on Sunday.)

If the Redskins had gone to Seattle and been blown out or resoundly beaten throughout the game, that would be fine. They made me believe we would win, and when we didn't all I was left with was a hoarse voice, a slight hangover and hopes for next season. I'm tired of waiting for next season. (The worst thing I heard on Sunday was "there's always next season." Ugh)

Panther fans, I know this is selfish, but I wanted you guys to lose to Chicago. I didn't want to be the only person bummed at work on Monday. I got over it at a Panther party on Sunday. I'm glad ya'll won and I'll be pulling for the Panthers against Seattle.

Last night, I stayed home and watched "American Idol." The barefoot guy was too silly to be funny, but the overly tanned girl and her equally clueless mom were hysterical. Sitting on my couch for the third night in a row made realize it was time to shake off the blues. Tonight, I'll be back on the prowl. See you in the streets.