Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Popping the can

I squeezed past body after body weaving my way through the crowd talking, laughing and dancing inside Cans Canteen and Bar on Thursday. The building, at the corner of Graham and Fifth Street, is huge and it seemed as if every inch of it was filled with people.

Cans is the newest offering to Charlotte's bar scene. It's a restaurant, dance club, lounge, bar and all around hang out spot and it provides a strong anchor to the Gateway Village area. If successful, Cans would stretch the boundaries of uptown's entertainment district. Right now that district stretches from Caldwell down to Church Street, from Fifth to Eighth streets. Cans gives partiers a reason to walk a few blocks more down to the Gateway Village area, which also boasts Town restaurant, the Corner Pub and Cedar Street Station. Ideally, people could park in the core Tryon and Fifth street area and bar-hop up, down and around Fifth Street. Or they could park for free in the Gateway Village area and walk up to the Tryon Street area.

While standing inside Cans listen to Efren Ramirez, aka Pedro, I talked to some friends if they think Cans will succeed in Charlotte. A couple of people said they thought it was too far away from the main hub. What do you think? Is Cans too far away from the main party areas uptown? Post your replies below.