Monday, April 30, 2007

Turtle soup, moonshine and chx wings

I was sitting around the Phisbins campfire on Saturday night, when

I witnessed a total guy moment.

One of the Phisbins put a huge skillet on a rack over the fire to cook hot dogs and beans. Craig joked about how the skillet hadn’t been washed in two or three days. That wasn’t the guy moment.

After everyone had their fill of hot dogs and beans, someone sat the skillet in the dirt because it smothered the fire.
Billy, who had been munching on a box of chicken wings, sat wing-filled Styrofoam on top of the remaining hot dogs and beans in the skillet on the ground. It was his way of sharing the wings.

Muz plucked a hotdog from the skillet. Using his finger, he scraped the beans off the hotdog into the communal skillet. Yuck is right.

Craig who had been playing guitar and singing at the campfire complained about the boxes of wings sitting on top of the
hotdogs which were in a skillet that was sitting in the dirt.

Good point.

Offended, Billy grabbed a sooty cook rack, placed it near the fire and carefully removed the wings from the Styrofoam. Then he placed them onto the rack.

Craig grabbed a handful.

It’s all about presentation, he said.