Friday, October 28, 2005

Who let the air out? Roo roo

In today's Paid to Party column, I wrote about how uptown basically died after the Rolling Stones concert last Friday. My theory was that Stones' fans went home after the show because it was past their bedtime, and partiers who usually go uptown on a Friday night didn't, for fear of traffic congestion and parking hassles. Read the Paid to Party column

A couple of readers called me offering theiropinionss as well. One avid uptown supporter who has season tickets to the N.C. Dance TheatreCharlottee said she's angry that parking decks that used to be free now charge a fee after 5 p.m.

Another reader said he tried going out after the concert, but he wasn't feeling it. The club catered to their regular audience and not Stones fans. Neither of the two clubs he checked out played Stones music or even rock.

So, what's up? Why do you think uptown was deadish after the concert last week? Post your comment below.