Thursday, April 12, 2007

Beer week kicks off tonight

The beer police are coming -- and I can't wait.

First, Observer restaurant critic Helen Schwab wrote a column lamenting frosty mugs and orange slices in beer. Egads!

Now, Creative Loafing wants beer drinkers to expand their palates, and embrace beers that actually taste good.


The Loaf's Chris Herring said he created Beer Week to tap into Charlotte's beer culture, especially people who enjoy homebrews and craft brews. He hopes people will learn about beer during the eight-day event, which features bar crawls, brewery tours and more.

I'm not sure Charlotte partiers want to embrace serious beer culture. It seems that partiers prefer large quantities of cheap beer, and aren't much interested in the taste.

I'm curious to see whether the people who participate in Beer Week will actually be interested in learning about beer ... or simply want to catch a buzz.

Are Charlotte partiers ready to embrace something classier than Bud and Miller? Or do they just want to get messed up? Post your replies below.