Tuesday, July 11, 2006

No more seafood

I'm on a seafood hiatus. My girl and I were in Savannah last weekend and we ate seafood for breakfast lunch and dinner. Boy was it good. I had a seafood omelet at Huey’s and one at Clary’s. I ate so much seafood at the Crab Shack, I thought I was going to grow a shell.

By Sunday I was seriously flirting with going to Wild Wing Cafe. I settled on pizza at Vinnie Van Go-Go.
I listed a bunch of lounges and clubs to visit, but I didn’t club hop like I planned. I did the beach bum thing. However, I do hate I missed the Haunted Pub Crawl. It’s supposed to be good, according to Jen of Jens and Friends. (More on her later).

We watched the World Cup final at Molly MacPherson’s, a Scottish pub in City Market. I had never been to a Scottish pub, and I wondered if it would be different from an Irish one. Other than the bartenders wearing kilts, it wasn’t. This pub served Belhaven and I don’t remember seeing Guinness on draft. The food was similar, from shepherd’s pie to fish and chips. They did have some kind of pork filled pastry that was supposed to be a traditional Scottish dish.
I also had another small-world-moment while in Savannah. On our way out of town we stopped at Jen and Friends for lunch. It’s a little cafe downtown. We met the owner Jen, who says she’s tight with J.D., who owns Bonterra. She almost considering moving here to work for him.

Small world.

With its historic and cultural district downtown and Tybee Island nearby, Savannah is becoming one of my favorite romantic getaway cities within a day's drive. What’s yours? And why?