Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Partying on the rooftop

So my girl Olivia Fortson caught a little heat for her partying on the rooftop package last week.

The folks at the Forum were a little chafed that she didn't include their rooftop. The Forum does have a phat rooftop. It's spacious with a bar and it's perfect for people-watching along College and Sixth Street.

Other readers complained that the rooftop at Presto Bar and Grill wasn't included. I'm not really feeling that complaint because there's no good people-watching happening in that area.

By the way the rooftop patio at Cans will be doing a test run this weekend. They're still getting furniture and other essentials, but weather permitting it will be open.

Olivia will be running a follow-up rooftop story in Friday's E&T, but until then I wanted your feedback on your favorite rooftops and balconies.

Who has the best spot and what's the best night to go? Post your replies below.