Friday, January 04, 2008

New uptown restaurant

The restaurant portion of Hom opened this week with a menu boasting fancy salads, sandwiches and crepes. Equally fancy is the decor. Gone are the dark hues of Menage/Belle’s BBQ, replaced by wood-paneled columns, black and white tapestry walls, red booths and white chairs.

The restaurant feels chic. On Thursday, we ate the seafood crepe, which was full of plump shrimp and scallops. We also tried the organic chicken sandwich, which brimmed with meat. Each came with a healthy portion of mixed greens bathed in a light dressing.
My only complaint was that the brie wasn’t warm. Owner James Funderburk lectured me that brie should be room temperature. We told him Table had better brie, and he told us to go to Table. (Then he hugged me.)

Feast is definitely the most exciting restaurant to open uptown because its supposed to stay open until 4 a.m. on the weekends and offer a full menu. I’m curious, however, to see how the frou-frou menu will go over at 2 a.m., when partiers are drunk and want some simple eggs, bacon and grits. Or better yet, liver mush!