Wednesday, March 07, 2007

What's missing uptown?

In her newcomer’s column last week, the Observer’s Leigh Dyer wrote about Daddy’s American Bar & Grill. It’s Stefan Latorre’s new sports bar at the corner of Church and Fifth. It used to be Twist and, before that, City Tavern.

Several readers wrote to Leigh complaining that uptown doesn’t need any more sports bars. We have Fox & Hound, Stool Pigeons, Picasso’s, Champions and the Graduate.

Instead, some readers requested a martini bar for 30-40 year olds, but that market is saturated as well. Center City already has Tutto Mondo, Therapy and Loft 1523. Plus, every upscale restaurant’s bar has an extensive martini list.

What does uptown need that it doesn’t already have? Here’s what we have so far: two Irish pubs, a ton of upscale restaurants, martini bars, a couple of neighborhood pubs, three mainstream dance clubs and two delis that turn into dance clubs (and a live music venue is coming.

What’s missing that would really be supported?