Tuesday, October 17, 2006

What can I get you?

Oh yeah, I did it! I bartended at Dixie's Tavern on Monday, and didn't get kicked out for breaking all the bottles, spilling a drink on a customer or ringing that lovely bell a few too many times. Wahoo!

I've always said I want to be a bartender when I retire. The three hours behind the bar at Dixie's convinced me that it's a decision I won't regret. Customers, on the other hand, might have a different opinion!

After all, I did nearly poison some friends of mine. I made the absolute worst Blue Waterfall. It's a Red Bull and vodka bomb that I bombed. If I had a picture of my friends' faces when they drank my concoction, oh my goodness. They looked at me like I was crazy. Sorry guys, really. The whole time I was making their drinks this guy was sitting at the bar sipping a Miller Lite and watching me with a disgusted look. When I offered to get him something, he stuck with Miller Lite. He didn't trust my mixology skills. Neither did my friends. After my failed attempt, they stuck with Miller, too.

The funniest story of the night had to be when my friends Hot Asian Mama, Monie Love and T-Diddy did karaoke. They were on stage singing Donna Summer's "Last Dance" when Carolina Panther Vinny Ciurciu joined them -- uninvited. My friends, being the good sports that they are, let him sing along at first, but then Ciurciu tried to take the mike from Hot Asian Mama. She stiff armed him and kept singing. DeShaun Foster would have been proud of that stiff arm.

Ciurciu and Panther Drew Carter had been invited to Dixie's by fellow guest bartender Elevate's Larken Egleston, who had the bright idea to get me behind the bar. Mad thanks to the Dixie's crew who put up with me: Jules, Jason, and Seth. Although, I do think they were hazing me by putting the tip bucket so high up above the cash register that I had to get on my tippy toes. And thanks to Stefan and Russ, who gave me a little good-natured hazing as well when they stopped through Monday night.

Also, thanks to my boo, the brunch crew, my Observer posse and all of my other friends who came out to support me on Monday. You helped me raise $100 for the Latin American Coalition. I can't wait to do it again, and next time I'll have my own fancy-schmancy bottle-opener thingy like everyone else.