Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Bring on A.I.

We're in the midst of a perfect nightlife storm. There's talk that Allen Iverson might be coming to the Charlotte Bobcats, and a new upscale gentleman's club that caters to African Americans is opening this weekend. Can life get any better?

I’ll start with A.I.

In Tuesday's Observer, Tom Sorensen wrote a column saying Iverson would give Charlotteans a reason to care about the woefully boring Bobcats. I hope Iverson comes here because he will spice up our nightlife.

We've got the Bobcats and the Panthers here, but -- as Sorensen wrote -- none of the Bobcats are stars. And the Panthers' biggest star, Steve Smith, doesn’t party. Iverson brings star power. An A.I./Nelly party easily draws a thousand people here. If Iverson played here, we could draw even more celebrity athletes and hip-hop artists to our nightclubs.

That point brings me to my excitement about Rick's Cabaret becoming Club Onyx on Old Pineville Road. The Charlotte location will be the first outside of Texas. It's about time a city this size has an upscale gentleman's club for African Americans. Champagne and Peaches and Cream are fine when I’m in a roughneck mood. However, when I want more posh atmosphere, I have to go to the Men's Club, and their dancers haven't impressed me lately.

Rick's spokesman Allan Priaulx says the original Onyx in Houston draws professional athletes and rappers. I'm hoping the Charlotte location will do the same.

A.I. combined with Onyx could give our nightlife a good adrenaline rush.
What do you think? Will A.I. enhance our nightlife? Post your replies below.