Thursday, February 08, 2007

Stank staff

I don’t know what’s up with Time Lounge, but some of its Tuesday night staff needed an attitude adjustment.

Outside the front door, a security guard dressed in black (including a Neoprene face mask, though it wasn’t that cold) looked as if he was itching for a fight. I tried to make small talk, but he just demanded my I.D. On the other hand, Mr. Tough Guy was totally friendly with the group of giggly girls behind me.

Service at the bar wasn’t much better. Though the club wasn't crowded, it took forever to get a drink; when I finally got one, the bartender acted as if it were a

I chatted with a couple of guys here from Boston who received the same treatment. They said bartenders in Boston are always rude, so they were used to the behavior.

I don’t always expect a Coke and a smile, but I also don't expect the staff to act stank -- especially when the place isn’t packed.

Have you been to any bars or clubs where the service has been less than pleasant? If so, what's your story? Post your reply below.

Super Bowl in Nashville

I watched the Super Bowl in Nashville, Tenn., at Road Dawg’s uncle’s
house. He’s been throwing a Super Bowl party for 12 years. You know what that means: Road trip!

The party was crazy. I figured since the house was a
mini-mansion, we’d be hanging with a bunch of pretentious buppies. I was wrong. It was as if someone had brought the regulars at Coyote Joe’s here.

After the game ended, the music started. One guy wanted to hear Bobby Womack-style slow songs all night. An older lady boogied to T.I.’s “Top Back.” That was funny. I caused a minor uproar when I told a touchy-feely girl to stop touching my head. She stomped out of the room yelling Jesus Christ. That was funny, too.

After the real bartenders left, I learned how to make a Buttery Nipple (Butterscotch schnapps and Bailey’s). I perfected my pomegranate martini. Oh, and I discovered that apple martini’s should be green,not clear.

It was my kind of party.