Friday, January 26, 2007

Mint Condition packs Amos'

Women whooped, men threw their hands in the air and everybody in a packed Amos’ Southend grooved to Mint Condition.

This was the band’s second visit to Charlotte in three years and the audience enthusiastically greeted their return. Fans were packed in Amos’s from the stage to the middle of the club and then it thinned out toward the back. The upstairs balcony was full as well.

Mint Condition is quietly becoming the Earth, Wind & Fire of ’90s R&B. Unlike most acts that had teenager girls back then; the members of Mint Condition are true musicians.

Along with the required favorites such as "(Breaking My Heart) Pretty Brown Eyes" and "What Kind of Man Would I Be,” the band unleashed a 15-minute instrumental set that traversed Latin grooves and rock. Lead singer Stokley Williams wailed on the drums and gave up the spotlight to his saxophone player.

Initially, I wondered if the show would do well because advance ticket prices started at $30. Charlotte’s urban audience is fickle. Mint Condition performed here a few years ago and they haven’t had a hit since the ’90s. The turnout surprised me. Considering that John Legend sold out in December, and now the Mint Condition concert went well, I wonder if it means Charlotte’s R&B fans will consistently support live music in nightclubs.

What do you think? Will R&B fans support more live music? Who else would you like to see perform in Charlotte. Post your replies below.