Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Do black people tip?

I was talking to a bartender last night and I asked him about how the CIAA went for his business. He said business was normal, but that he'd talked to several friends at Uptown restaurants. His friends told him that a lot of the CIAA fans didn't tip.

I wasn’t surprised to hear that. I've often heard that black people don't tip, but I don’t understand how that can be true. I tip bartenders and waitresses. My friends tip as well. I have one buddy who is so worried about being perceived as a non-tipper that he over-tips even if he gets bad service. I won’t do all that, but I will call the manager over and request another server or report any poor service I’ve received.

In 1999, a Miami restaurant owner faced a discrimination lawsuit because he automatically charged black patrons 15 percent gratuity because he said sometimes blacks don't tip well.

A 2003 study by the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration found that many servers felt African Americans often tip 20 percent less than white diners. Plus, of all races disliked waiting on black people because they assume the tips will be less no matter how good the service.

That's messed up.

Black patrons what's up? Do you at least tip 15 percent and if not why? If you have bad service, do you report it to managment?

To restaurant workers, do you notice a difference in the tipping patterns of whites and blacks? And servers, do you treat black patrons differently because you don't believe you'll get a good tip?

Post your comments below. Please no racial slurs, they won't be posted.