Tuesday, August 01, 2006

MTV is getting old

Today we celebrate MTV's 25th anniversary. Like it or not, the network changed the landscape of pop culture when it debuted in 1981. It did some good stuff, such as challenging young people to care about news, politics, and starving children in other countries. Some MTV moments affected pop culture, but most fell in the line of "did you see (fill-in-the-blank) last night?"

In today's paper we looked at some of the incidents that made MTV a cultural button-pusher, from Madonna loving all over her body during the inaugural VMAs as she performed "Like A Virgin" to watching Mariah Carey self-destruct on "TRL."

My favorites were the 1983 debut of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" and the VMAs in 1999.

I was a huge Michael Jackson fan. When "Thriller" aired, I sat in the family room with my parents and my brother to watch. It was a family event, and after that, we'd often catch Jackson's video premieres together. My parents would critique them afterward, and I would coo about how Jackson was so great and they just didn't understand.

My other most memorable moment was when Lil' Kim wore a pasty over one breast as she presented a video music award with Diana Ross. It wasn't the pasty I remember the most. It was Diana Ross jiggling the Queen B's breast on national TV. That still cracks me up. Ross seemed so fascinated with the outfit.

So, what's your favorite MTV moment. I don't care if it's the VMAs, a program, a video, whatever. Post your replies below.