Wednesday, November 23, 2005

No More Have A Nice Day Cafe

This weekend I have to pour out a little liquor for my homey -- Have A Nice Day Cafe.
The popular College Street nightclub closed after Halloween weekend because business was slow, said BAR Charlotte manager Joe Salamino.
The folks at Bar Management group, which ran the club, blamed the customer drought on the nearly four month shut-down of the club last year when the roof of the Hut collapsed, and forced Have A Nice Day to close. Salamino said business never picked up after that.
I think Have A Nice Day Cafe fell victim to increased competition. It was competing for the same dollars as BAR Charlotte, Dixie's and Buckhead Saloon.
Bar Management group plans to keep the lease and is trying to figure out how to replace Have A Nice Day Cafe. They won't do anything until the first of the year, Salamino said.
So, what do you think should go in there?
I'd like to see a place for people over age 40. I get emails all the time from people in that age range looking for a nice place to go. Another cool Latino club like Salamandra would be great too. And of course, I'm always pushing for a true hip-hop club.
What do you think? Post your suggestions below.