Monday, July 24, 2006

A magical weekend

What's folks! I have so much to tell you about. I visited a magical placed called Mysteria this weekend where I saw so much self expression it was crazy. I'm talking people twirling fire, playing in hula hoops, painting canvas and each other, and dancing - oh how they danced. Big shouts to the Charlotte crew of Jungle Jim, the Barron, Jade and others who allowed me to stay in Big Puffy Yellow with other Charlotteans.

I spent Sunday night at a make-up show at the Forum. I always thought make up was lip gloss and eye shadow to hide our insecurities, but Awaken showed me there's so much more to make up. And on Sunday, I caught the tail end of black gay pride with the white party at the Breakfast Club. A light turnout, but hey it was Sunday night and the folks had fun. That's all that mattered.

I've got so much to write about, so the above pictures should get you started. Over the next few days, I'll update my blog, post a video from the make-up show and a picture slideshow from the festival. Keep checking' back.