Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I'm leaving Paid to Party

It’s been real y'all, but as I've already told many of the folks on the nightlife beat, next week is my last week doing the Paid to Party gig. Since October, I’ve been splitting time between nightlife and shooting political videos. Beginning on Jan. 21, I’ll cover politics full-time.

I’ve dubbed myself the Observer’s political video columnist. I’ll shoot two videos a week focusing on the 2008 national and state elections. My goal is to reach people under age 35. Along with the experts, I want to feature fun, young folks talking about politics.

I’ve already shot videos with Kevin Mitchell of the Forum, Carleen Shankle of Lotus/Civilian, MC David Galloway and others talking about the presidential race. My videos will have serious news information as well as silly stuff. The videos are called That’s Wassup! Find them at

Sarah Aarthun, who does the A List, will be taking over the Paid to Party beat. Reach her at

I’ll still be hanging out, but mostly at Hom, Loft 1523, Soul (when it opens) and the real hip-hop joints. I’ll also be doing some politics-related interviews at events such as the Bartender’s Ball and Oktoberfest. If you see me with the camera, holla, and let me shoot you before you drink too much.

If you’re young and interested in the presidential race holla.

Jill Scott update

Here’s the deal with Jill Scott:

I don’t know the deal. The show was originally booked with Ovens on March 1, but now it’s no longer confirmed. Michael Alexander, the promoter who called me to announce that she was coming, has a disconnected phone number.

My contact at Ovens (who is reliable) says she will let me know as soon as she knows. I’m still trying to track down a contact with Scott’s people.

With that said, if you were planning to go the Greensboro show on March 2, go.