Friday, July 14, 2006

Men can be groupies too

In yesterday’s blog, I ragged on women groupies. Last night, I saw the male version at the Little Brother show. No, the guys didn’t dance all over each other or start kissing.

Instead near the end of the set, one guy jumped on stage. He put his arm around Big Pooh and later Phonte and pounded their chests. At the same time, two other guys jumped on stage as well and started taking pictures of themselves.

I’m wondering. Whether you’re a male or female, when does a fan become a groupie? I say anytime, you go out of your way to be noticed by a celebrity, get a picture or get an autograph, you might as well tattoo a giant G on your chest. What do you think?

Little Brother killed it

Each time I see Little Brother, I like them more. The chemistry between the laid back Big Pooh and the charismatic Phonte makes for one of the hottest hip-hop acts ever. Phonte draws you in with his dancing -- he’s a big boy who can move -- and his expression. He’s always sticking out his tongue or doing fraternity style steps as he dances. He preens and poses on stage. Add tight beats and meaty rhymes about materialism, fatherhood and romantic relationships, and it’s easy to see why fans love them.

Little Brother headlined a benefit for Charlotte rapper Wolly Vinyl who was kicked out of his home when the Johnston Mills closed. More than a dozen artists from throughout the Carolinas came out to the Spot last night to support Wolly. Along with Little Brother, I caught the Others and the deadPOETS (DPS), but I missed the earlier acts. Several people were impressed by the level of talent among the unknown MCs.

When you stepped inside the Spot last night, it was so hot that even my sweat started sweating. Yet, there was no drama. Everyone was into the show. It felt like the vibe at the Room and I hope it’s something that will continue. We don’t have enough underground hip-hop venues in Charlotte where people can spit about more than money, cars and sexual conquests.