Thursday, February 02, 2006

Slaying near Liquid Lounge

The suspects in the shooting near Liquid Lounge are black so instead of mourning the tragic loss of life, I know some readers (read comments on my previous post) see this incident as an example of why uptown clubs shouldn't be more diverse. I don't. I stand by my call for uptown's clubs, bars and restaurants to more fully reflect this ethnically rich city.

I was at Liquid Lounge on Saturday night, and I can't believe four days later Norman Antoine Gilmore was shot dead after leaving the same club. My heart goes out to his family. And city leaders offer their condolences as well. Charlotte Center City Partners President Michael Smith says "We offer our sympathies to the family and friends of the victim. This is a senseless loss of life."

This slaying won't deter me from hanging at liquid or quiet my call for diversity uptown.

I still plan to go to Liquid Lounge and other uptown clubs, not because I'm Paid to Party, but because I won't let a bunch of gun-toting punks scare me away from the places I like to go.

My question though is what about you?

One of the things I repeatedly heard from patrons regarding CJ's lounge before it closed was that it was a safe place to go. That got me to wondering, long before this shooting, whether people feel safe going out in Charlotte, whether its uptown or anywhere else.

Do you? And how will this shooting near Liquid affect where you party? Post your replies below.