Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Gilda the newest place to be

A white stretch SUV pulled in front of Gilda's on Friday night and I knew this hideaway lounge in NoDa was destined to be the next hot spot. Out stepped City Tavern owner John Weinbrenner, a guy who looks like George Clooney, Chuck Howard and his wife Karen, and an entourage of people I didn't know. A few minutes later Blue restaurant owner Alex Myrick walked in as well. And a guy who looks just like Checkers' head honcho Felix Sabates was there too.

With little to no fanfare, Gilda is drawing top echelon partiers and lounge regulars to it's location in the Highland Mills development in NoDa on NOrth Davidson. It's easy to see why. The place is rustic swank with floor to ceiling windows, huge chandeliers, exposed brick and the biggest candles I've ever seen. There's also a huge mirror on the back wall. The mirror looks like a separate room until you walk into it and bang your head. The music was chill house.

What makes Gilda most interesting is the crowd. Its owner is Jennifer Blackburn, a club socialite who knew Myrick and others. That means Gilda gets the money-dropping folks as well as locals, and I'm not talking about the yuppies.

After the first wave of club owners left, a fresh wave came in about 1 a.m. Alexis, the cutie who co-owns Dolce Vita wine bar in NoDa stopped through. So did, K.C., formerly of Fat City Deli -- BTW: my favorite sandwich place, ever. K.C. is cooking at Boudreaux's now and says some changes are coming up for the menu. He's also talking about re-opening Fat City Deli, but he wouldn't give me any details.

Gilda grand opening party is Friday. Doors open at 6 p.m. Greg Pappanastos starts spinning at 10 p.m. It's free.