Thursday, April 13, 2006

Colorblinded in the clubs?

A co-worker sent me an Associated Press story about the rape investigation at Duke. In the story black women talk about how they're treated by some white men in nightclubs.

According to the women interviewed, a white man asks her to dance erotically while he watches. Or he grabs her rear end. Or asks for sex, in graphic detail, without bothering to ask her name. (Tonya's note: Asking my name wouldn't make me less offended, but I digress.)

“We can sort of count on it happening. My friends from California and New York and Boston all tell the same stories,” Danielle Terrazas Williams, 22, a graduate student at Duke University told the reporter. “They’re watching you as if you’re performing for them, and it’s disgusting. You just sort of feel like, ‘Is this all we’re good for?’"

Reducing black women to sexual objects isn't new, and we all know the legacy of white men raping black women during slavery. The accusations at Duke reignites this conversation, and opens the door to talk about all races have some kind of sexual stereotype.

My black female friends have never complained to me about being disrepected by white men in clubs. My Asian female friends, however, complain men of all ethnicities treat them like exotic creatures. A man told one of my friends he wanted to pour duck sauce on her.

It's no secret that many of the black men hanging in uptown bars prefer white women, and some black women prefer white men. My buddy went to Miami recently and said Latino and Hispanic women were "in." His friends asked why he bothered talking to black women down there when he could get that home. Many of my friends can recite the women of different ethnicities who they've had sex with and can list the ones they want to try.

Whether we like to admit it, subconsciously, many of us believe the stereotypes of blacks being sexually aggressive, Latinos being passionate lovers, Asians being exotic and whites women being the forbidden fruit and easier to deal with. And we want to see if the stereotypes are true.

What do you think? What are your experiences with people of other ethnicities when you're in the club? Post your replies below.