Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Jill Scott show full

Jill Scott will perform at Amos' Southend on Nov. 1, but the free sign up for the concert filled up quickly Tuesdsay morning. No more seats are available for the show.

KRS-One brings real hip-hop

I’ve heard of getting a late start, but KRS-One didn’t take the stage until after 1 a.m. on Thursday at All Stars on Albemarle Road.
When he did grab the mike, he didn’t let go. Typically, KRS-One performs a few songs and then lets local rappers battle him or freestyle. His shows sometimes turn into a local talent showcase. It’s frustrating, because usually they're artists who we've already seen perform as openers.
But on Thursday, it was all about KRS-One. (At least, for the hour or so that I was there.) He performed all the hits fans have come to know and love, such as “Black Cop.” He did his signature call and response: “The real hip-hop is over here…”
A couple hundred people came out to see him perform for more than an hour at All Stars, a former buffet restaurant. The sound was terrible, but the crowd was hype and spilled out from the main stage area into the booths and other seats.
The funniest part of the evening was watching this dude near the stage who insisted he knew KRS-One. Security kept telling him to chill, and to stop trying to get on stage. When he finally did jump on stage, a burly guard tackled him like he was a running back and threw him off it.
Now I don’t care if I’m KRS-One’s momma -- if a security guard twice my size keeps telling me to chill and looks at me like he wants a reason to beat me down, the last thing I’m going to do is give him a reason.

Eating grits at Skyland

Last night was one of those nights where I planned to be home by 9 p.m., but found myself sitting at Skyland diner at 1 a.m. with Kitch, Larken, Letha and Nicholas.

The night started at Oceanaire. Kitch and I met Larken there for the SouthPark restaurant’s one-year anniversary party. The spread was incredible. They had a hot food section with crab-deviled eggs, steamed mussels, crab balls, and some kind of crab dip.

They also had a cold buffet with all kinds of oysters, shrimp and crab claws. A server sat a fresh plate of the crab claws in front of Kitch and Larken. I slurped down some oysters. Other servers walked around offering chocolate-covered strawberries and mini lemon meringue pies. Yum to the 10th power. For cocktails, the restaurant served complimentary well liquors, wine, champagne and mojitos.

I would’ve been content to go home after that, but Kitch and I decided to visit the new martini spot On the Roxx in Ballantyne. It’s intimate, with seating that allows you to see and be seen. We were the only two people in On the Roxx. We talked with a guy who said he was a co-owner. Boris Tomic, who did the Forum, designed it so you know it’s tastefully done. The guy said their best nights are Fridays and Saturdays. They have a DJ on Fridays.

Next, Kitch and I headed to Table for dessert. I had the chocolate cheesecake, which I wouldn’t order again. Kitch had the molten cake, which was good and gooey. Table is doing a bourbon pairing dinner on Oct. 26. It’s five courses with five bourbons for $55. That has to be the best deal in town if you like bourbon.

After a quick stop at Village Bistro, we drove to NoDa and met back up with Larken at Wine Up. He was there promoting his company’s Pink vodka. Nicholas and Letha, who’s campaigning to win some kind of fabulous at 40 contest for Essence magazine, were there too. We heard some of the regulars (and some people I'd never seen before) doing their poetry thing.

Carlton, of Creative Loafing, met us there for a quick drink. Next, Kitch, Carlton, Larken and I stopped by the Sunset Club for co-owner Jeff Tomascak’s birthday party. Tomascak had a large turnout, but the DJ inspired few people to dance consistently. We sat on the patio and Noah Lazes, of N.C. Music Factory, joined us. We got caught up on the latest happenings at his spot; I’ll get to those announcements in another blog.

After an hour or so, Carlton called it a night. I finished talking with Noah, Kitch, Larken and then headed to Skyland on South Boulevard. (Can we please get a 24-hour food spot uptown? Please!) Nicholas and Letha joined us there. If you haven’t been to Skyland, they have the best grits -- at 1:30 a.m.