Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Club closings

If you've been out and about lately, I'm sure you've noticed some clubs have closed and others are under renovation.

Here's the haps on two spots:

*710 lounge in Gateway Village is closed. No word on what's going to happen there next. Former 710 manager Will Carper is now a manager at CANS Canteen. He promises the food there is going to improve. I hope so.

*Gilda's in NoDa is closed. It will re-open as Giovanni's Bar & Lounge on Dec. 7. New owner John "Giovanni" Koutsoupias plans to turn the lounge into something similar to Tutto Mondo, Sunset Club and Loft 1523. Yes, I'm scratching my head, too -- since that was the same concept for Gilda's. The previous owners brought uptown glam to NoDa, but it didn't do as well as expected. Giovanni, as most people call him, says he can make it happen.

"I'm taking that concept and putting it on steroids," he said.

He's adding furniture, revamping the drink menu to add signature martinis, and changing the music to appeal to a more upscale crowd. Expect theme nights: Wednesday will be cigar night, Thursday will be poker or alternative night, Friday will be ladies night, and Saturday will be a different theme party each week.

No New Year's fireworks

I've just learned that there won't be any fireworks uptown this New Year's Eve. Apparently, last year's setup in Polk Park wasn't all that good, and all the construction uptown means there are no safe places from which to launch the fireworks.

The fireworks production has been progressively scaled down each year, but this is definitely a blow to New Year's revelers in Charlotte. I guess all the partiers will be watching the ball drop in New York.

What do you think about not having fireworks uptown this year? Post your replies below.