Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Sippin' on some syzzurp

Wow, some of you got downright rowdy last week when I asked about diversity uptown. Some people stayed on topic and seriously tried to address the issue. Others slammed me for race baiting (and other things). To whoever posted that I should ride off into the sunset with my butch wife on my motorcycle, that sounds so romantic. Thanks sweetie. Speaking of which, for some reason a couple of you went on this whole gay tangent. I can see homosexuality being part of the discussion of diversity uptown, but when did you know you were gay conversation threw me. What was that about?
Anyway, as the Community Relations Committee's investigation of Menage continues, I'm sure we will return to the topic of diversity uptown. FYI: any comments that insult or slander a person (other than me) or club by name will be removed as soon as I see it. That's not cool, especially if you don't have the guts to include your name and e-mail address.
Alright, on to this week's topic.
I know people think I have the coolest job ever, but I met a woman who gets paid to drink scotch. For real.
Marcy Ruderhausen is a master of scotch, and last week she conducted a scotch tasting at Morton's to introduce Johnnie Walker Green. Ruderhausen also schooled me on the basics, such as scotch is whiskey made in Scotland (Duh) and how to drink the liquor.
And just because a scotch has an older age date, for example a 12-year Dewars, doesn't mean you'll like it better than a 10-year Talisker. Age ain't nothing but a number.
If you're new to scotch or whiskey, the first thing to figure out is if you like it smoky or not. It's kind of like fruity versus dry wine. When tasting Ruderhausen suggests sampling several different kinds at one sitting, and sampling them neat (straight).
First, sniff the liquor, then sip it. See what flavors you notice and how you like the taste. Using a straw, add a couple of drops of water. Sniff it, and then taste it again. See how the water changes the character of the liquor. Drink some water and then try the next scotch.
Ruderhausen let us try a yummy drink called the Gold Digger (She ain't messin' with no broke, broke...Just kidding). It's a shot of Johnnie Walker Gold and a shot of Godiva chocolate liquor. Oh my goodness.
Okay, enough talk about drinking. Time to party.