Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Is MySpace the devil?

I know MySpace has been getting a lot of bad press lately, but we could all take a deep breath? MySpace is more than a place for young teens to post their weekend exploits and for sexual predators to find new victims. Unfortuantely, those types of activities will always happen whether it's on Instant Messaging, text messaging or a walk in the park.

In Charlotte, MySpace is a popular way to promote parties and events. Big Ryan, a popular local DJ hipped me to the site last year. It’s one of the main ways he promotes his parties. DJ Matt Bolick, of the Forum, used MySpace recently to pub his DJ Colette show at the Forum. Top Down Productions, which brought Boy George to Velocity, uses MySpace and so does local promoter Mike Kitchen of the Sol Kitchen.

Verizon has teamed with MySpace to help launch a single by on unsigned band on the Verizon’s VCast system.

We’re all worried about teen safety, but let’s not make MySpace, Facebook or any of the other social sites the scapegoats for teens' bad behavior.

What do you think? Is the news media going overboard with the MySpace hysteria? Post your replies below. Are you a promoter on MySpace? If so, please add me to your friends

Game time, party time, enough talk

Next week, the CIAA comes to town and it's going to make uptown feel like a real city. We'll have people walking the streets, visiting restaurants, shopping and chilling uptown from late morning until the way after the sun goes down. Uptown Charlotte will have some real energy.

Bars and restaurants will be packed and many are staying open late. Mert's will be open until late. I can't wait. I met a woman the other day who will be selling fried fish sandwiches near Time. Fried fish! Forget hotdogs and sausages. Give me some hot sauce and white bread.

I know there will be a bunch of basketball games at the arena since it is a basketball tournament involving historically black colleges and universities in North Carolina and Virginia, but I'm excited about the parties.

Tom Joyner won't be here, but Steve Harvey will. Joyner, a longtime CIAA tournament supporter, is on Radio One-owned Q92.7, but Infinity-owned V101.9 is a tournament sponsor. Harvey is on V101.9.

Magic Johnson is going to be here. No Grease is hosting a Mardi Gras themed fashion show with a brass band -- a brass band. On March 4, there will be almost as many parties during the day as there will be that night. The Omegas fraternity brothers will even have a breakfast party. There's also a pajama party.

To really grasp how big this is, check out the list of CIAA week parties. It took me four hours to compile it and I'm still getting e-mails about other parties.

By the way, I'm looking for the women's I met last year in a hotel lounge and who promised me breakfast. You know who you are, holla' at your girl.

Do you have a party I need to attend? What are you most looking forward to? Post your replies below.