Friday, June 15, 2007

Fall Out Boy even better live

I didn’t realize I knew so many songs by Fall Out Boy until I was sitting in the concert nodding my head to many of them.

The show at Verizon on Wednesday drew a smaller crowd than I anticipated. I expected the parking lot to be packed when I drove up but it wasn’t. While out there, I ran into Brandon and several co-workers from JHE, who were out tailgating. They’re a rowdy bunch with the feisty Maria (Brandon’s boo), the girl hunting Rook (adorably cute) and more subtle girl-magnet Kenneth. I joined them in the VIP section. It was my first time - wahoo! Thanks guys.

The crowd was smaller than I anticipated, but men and women stood and hooted throughout most of the show. Is Fall Out Boy the band for bodybuilders?

For some odd reason, I saw a lot of beefy guys there. Although, the band did have this weird fascination with testosterone. For example, during “The Steroid,” a man onstage did pushups throughout the song. Later in the show, a young girl put baseballs in a pitching machine that shot the balls at a man wearing a catcher’s mask.

When the band wasn’t filling the show with those types of antics, they cranked out expected hits such as “This Ain’t A Scene” and “Sugar We’re Going Down,” the band played a rocking version of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It.”

I loved Patrick Stump’s noodling version of Akon’s “Don’t Matter.”
Best part was Stump didn’t hump a girl on stage or lob a teen into the audience.

Did you go to the concert? What did you think? Post your replies below.