Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ozzfest was rank

When I walked through the gates at Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre for Ozzfest on Tuesday, the stench hit me harder than the music.
Thousands of bodies sweating out in temperatures zooming past 90 degrees made things yucky. Although, the heat didn’t stop fans from guzzling beer, crowd-surfing and rocking out to lesser-known metal bands.

Admission to Ozzfest was free this year, but Verizon charged $20 to park. Ridiculous.

The concert drew a crowd that ranged in age from young kids to Baby Boomers. Lines snaked from autograph tents, and fans crowded in front of the stage. Inside the main pavilion area, vendors sold T-shirts, bags, sunglasses and more.

Most fans (predictably) wore black, although I saw several men wearing kilts. What’s up with that? There were lots of spiked, multi-colored mohawks. The outfit that caused the most rubbernecking was worn by a rail-thin woman wearing thigh-high fish nets, a G-string and a bra.

Along with the stench, the other thing that stayed with me longer than the ringing in my ears was the frat-boy style obsession with women’s breasts. At one point, a crowd of men gathered around a woman in a grassy area who acted as if she was going to flash her breasts.

One guy held a cardboard sign that read “Show your (you know what)” Later the MC berated women in audience for not showing off any breasts. Of course, that prompted someone to do just that.