Thursday, November 03, 2005

Charlotte's the pits for single

Forget landing a NASCAR museum or passing school bonds, we've got bigger problems here. I've never been one to lack a date, so I was stunned to read a new survey showing that Charlotte stinks for singles.

According a national survey by AXE deodorant, Charlotte ranked No. 65 in "AXE's Best Cities for Hooking Up in America." We ranked so low, we could've been in the Top 25 for worst places to hook up. That dubious honor went to Birmingham, Ala.

No. 1 hook up city? Seattle, Wash.
How can you even tell if a shorty is cute, underneath all that rain gear? Heck, even Raleigh-Durham ranked ahead of us (They'd better thank all the drunk college coeds).

I know Charlotte is great for couples and families, but it can't be that bad for singles.

What do you think? Is Charlotte one of the worst places to hook up, and if so why? Post your comment below.

Top 25.
1. Seattle, WA
2. Honolulu, HI
3. San Francisco, CA
4. Austin, TX
5. San Diego, CA
6. Portland, OR
7. Providence, RI
8. New York, NY
9. Denver, CO
10. Baltimore, MD
11. Oakland, CA
12. Buffalo, NY
13. Los Angeles, CA
14. Rochester, NY
15. Dallas, TX
16. Tacoma, WA
17. Milwaukee, WI
18. Boston, MA
19. Fort Worth, TX
20. New Orleans, LA
21. San Antonio, TX
22. Salt Lake City, UT
23. Oklahoma City, OK
24. Phoenix, AZ
25. Raleigh-Durham, NC