Friday, October 12, 2007

matchbox twenty on Kiss 95.1

Neither road construction nor food poisoning could stop matchbox twenty’s Rob Thomas and guitarist Paul Doucette from entertaining about 80 fans who filled the upstairs room at Galway Hooker pub. They performed there for Kiss 95.1’s superstar surprise concert on Thursday. (It airs 8-9 a.m. Friday on the Ace & TJ show.)

After arriving more than an hour late, they gave fans about 45 minutes worth of banter and music. Well there was way more banter than music, but fans were happy.

The lead singer and guitarist were promoting matchbox twenty’s new double-disc, “Exhile on Mainstream.” It features 11 hits and six new songs.

Between performing “If You’re Gone” and “3 A.M.,” Thomas and Doucette talked with the radio personalities.

Thomas said he got food poisoning in Raleigh and was sick in Greensboro. Responding to a question, Thomas said, if asked he would work with Britney Spears once got her act together. He called her a talented artist (I think he was being nice).

Doucette said the new songs on “Exhile” were influenced by a studio session in which they watched “Live AID” on DVD.

On the lighter side, not that working with Britney isn’t light, the two talked about celebrity encounters in the gym. Doucette said guitarist Dave Navarro dissed him after Doucette told him he played for matchbox twenty. Thomas said Billy Idol was once seen shadow boxing in front of a mirror in full leather (talk about sweating off pounds).

Thomas also said he was obsessed with “American Idol.”
“That’s human drama at it’s best. Watching all of those little kids getting their hopes smashed.”