Friday, March 17, 2006

Goodbye McHale's, Hello Sir Ed's.

There's a line out the door for a table and inside is packed. Lee Van is holding it down with the ladies and Jared Young just wants to be down. I'll be swinging back here later on tonight. I missed the Irish dancers. Ugh.

Jigs and Reels at McHale's

Dishing it up at McHale's

I love corned beef, but usually I don't eat it at Irish bars because its dry. The beef McHale's wasn't. The $10 admission included a free buffet of corned beef, cabbage, red potatoes and shepherd's pie.

The Pervert's Corner

It's not what you think, actually maybe it is. A bunch of trash-talking older gents who refer to women as lasses. Every night, you'll find them in the far right corner of the bar at McHale's. Now, how they got that name, I never got a straight story.

Bob says it's because they used to have a brass pole in the bar and it had a Barbie doll on it. He also says its because they come every day and talk trash during happy hour. John says it's because they all lie about their younger days. Whatever, the reason if you ever go to McHale make sure to stop in the corner and say hello.

Goin' Green at McHale's

I knew I was home the minute I walked into McHale's, Bruce Prospect, who was sitting at the bar eating corned beef and cabbage, told me not to write anything bad. Margaret Green took me under wing and showed me around the place. She introduced me to her partner, Lorraine Bonura Green, and gave me a quick run down of why this is her favorite spot. McHale's is one of those bars that is the neighborhood pub. Packs of friends are sitting around the bar and at tables. They're eating corned beef and cabbage, drinking stuff and chillin'. Several people drank Bud out of green aluminum cans -- cute.

I'm getting ready to meet a group of regulars here called the Perverts. I can't wait.

If you're heading down this way here's what' up at McHale's:
Mchale's in Fort Mill and Rock Hill will have an all you can eat Irish menu, beer specials, live music and dancers. Fun starts at 3 p.m. $10. Fort Mill location: (803) 548-2151, 1820 Gold Hill Road., Rock Hill: (803) 329-8580, 122 E. Main St.

Hello Irish Cue, Goodbye Irish Cue

After leaving Galway Hooker Pub, I went down the street to the Irish Cue. Their menu sounded tasty so I figured they'd have a decent crowd. Plus, the Cue is a longtime spot here. It was dead with a capital D at 3:45 p.m. Maybe 10 people sat around the bar talking and drinking. A nice lady did offer me a green beer, but I'm alcohol free until 6 p.m. I'm off to the next place --McHale's in Fort Mill.

If you're going to Irish Cue her'es the deal: HIGH-END FOOD: How about braised corned beef, cabbage, garlic mashed potatoes, turnips and glazed carrots for $6. Live music starts at 9 p.m. Doors open 10 a.m. Irish Cue,$5. 19501 W Catawba Ave. Exit 28 off I-77 N. (704) 892-6904. $5

Goodbye Galway Hooker

It's Kiss me I'm Irish, not the shamrock!

If you're coming to Galway Hooker here's the deal: -B-BALL AND BEER: Galway Hooker Pub is celebrating March Madness and St. Patrick's Day. They'll air the games all day, and serve an Irish breakfast and a Guinness starting at 8 a.m. Giveaways and games all day, live bagpipers about 9:30 p.m. There's a VIP shindig for $100 with free food and the games on a projector screen. They're working on a leprechaun show -- scary. Exit 28 off I-77 N

The Zoo at Galway Hooker Pub

That's what they call the cooler. Galway Hooker co-owner Chris says the pub will go through 40 kegs of Guinness today. On a typical Friday, the club runs through eight kegs.

Although things are jumping at the Hooker now, it's going to be crazier tonight. They're having a VIP party. It's $100 a head and includes free food and other goodies. They'll be showing the basketball game on a big projection screen. Ace &TJ and their crew will be here as well. I'll be long gone by then, but if you go let me know how it is.

Holla' at a sista at Galway Hooker

All week, I've been saying: "holla' at a sister if you see me in the streets."

Well, my man Joel in the white T-shirt. Stepped up. He and his boys did it up right at the Galway Hooker Pub.

Going green -- At Galway Hooker Pub

Oh yeah, you could hear the live music when you walked up to the Galway Hooker Pub. At noon, the patio is full and so are the tables inside. Some people are watching the game, others are just drinking and hanging. An acoustic duo is playing cover tunes.

Patrons and staff are decked in beads and green. Two women are walking around selling some kind of flavored shots, and there's a VIP area upstairs. I'm trying to decide between hanging with the shot girls or checking out the VIP.

What to do, what to do? Oh wait, I just talked to the owner. I'm going to the secret place where they're tapping kegs..

Going green -- It's St. Paddy's Day

What up Party people!

I'm started my St. Patrick's Day early at Ri-Ra last night. I joined dozens of people getting an early start to the their St. Patrick's Day celebrations. A live cover band played on the stage and couples and friends sat at tables and around the bar.

I hooked up with an out-of-towner named Garth. He had expense account money to burn and some wild stories to tell. I only intended to grab one beer and leave, but I ended up swapping stories with him for two hours. Good peeps, good times. I'm doing the day-long Irish bar pub crawl from Charlotte to Cornelius to Fort Mill and then back to Charlotte.

Am I the only one out there partying now? We'll see.

If you know the best spots post your replies below and if you're looking for St. Patrick's day events. I've got you. Let's get this party started. Holla' at a sista' if you see me in the streets.