Monday, May 01, 2006

Wachovia Championship is back

Getting ready for the big week

Everything has to be clean for the big week

Getting Ready for the big dance

The hordes of people haven't arrived yet, but on Monday afternoon Quail Hollow still buzzed with life. Bobby Miranda whipped his golf cart around corners zipping past other carts and pedestrians. He needed to find a guy named Chris and he was running late for a training session.

Miranda is responsible for the food and beverages in the dozens of chalets that will host high-profile parties and guests. Monday, is training day. There's a party tonight, one on Tuesday and things really kick off on Thursday. Miranda has coordinated food at the Grammys, a "Sex and the City" party for HBO and other high profile events.

If you're ever been in one of the chalets at the Wachovia Championship, you know how elegantly the food is laid out. Presentation is everything! For about five minutes, Miranda went over the types of serving dishes, silverware and even making sure all of the stickers are peeled off the fruit. I need to bring Miranda's folks to my house. I always eat the sticker along with my apple.

After his spiel, Miranda got the 12 staffers pumped for an afternoon of polishing silverware.