Thursday, January 05, 2006

No wheelchairs allowed

I'm still cracking up.
Super Bowl planners don't want people over age 45 on the field during the Rolling Stones halftime show. The NFL is offering 2,000 people a chance to watch the Stones play during the Feb. 5 event, but those lucky fans will be expected to dance, sing and cheer. The Super Bowl planners say they're trying to protect old(er) people because halftime revelers would be expected to run and stand up for a very long time. (And people over age 45 can't do that without a wheelchair, walker or cane.)

I don't think the physical challenge is the real reason planners don't want old(er) people on the field. I know plenty of them who mountain bike, jog regularly and go dancing weekly. The real reason old(er) people aren't welcome is because they're aren't as sexy as young folk.

Viewers want to see barely-dressed girls gyrating together or with virile young men. Who wants to see Viagra candidates kickin' it with menopausal women?

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