Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A better way to get a date?

We all know you can't really find the love of your life in a club, and some of the people you meet there aren't really worth dating.
But do you think eyeballing someone in traffic and tracking them down could lead to dinner and a movie?
A new Web site is hoping people will seek a love connection among car fumes. It's called
Here's how it works: Say you're driving down Independence Boulevard and traffic is completely stopped. (I know that rarely happens). You see a cutie, I mean a cutie, driving a red convertible Mustang and you want to holla'. She has a numbered sticker on her bumper.
You whip out your Blackberry or your Treo and log on to, type in the number on the sticker and see a stunning profile of the honey in the Stang.
What do you think? Would you prefer to do this over trying to pick up dates in bars and nightclubs? Have you tried it Post your replies below.