Monday, February 20, 2006

Trying to smack your....

I'm heading to the bathroom for one last time after an evening of partying with friends and strangers at the Bartender's Ball when it happens.

I see one of my flag football teammates and another guy whom I've played against. We had all spoken to each other earlier that evening and we say hello again. The guy who I've played against starts whacking me on my tailbone. I grab him by his shirt and jerk him toward me. I ask him, why he keeps hitting me.

"I'm trying to smack your a--," he says as he twists out of my grip and hits me again.
I put him in a headlock and tell him "No one, smacks my a--."

I let him go. My flag football buddy says he's drunk (Who isn't at this point?) and gets the guy to leave. I know alcohol loosens inhibitions and all that, but that's no excuse to touch me or any other woman beyond a hug, high five or half chest bump.

So, what do ya'll think? Did I overreact? Did I underreact? How often does this type of stuff happen to you and how do you usually handle it?

What U missed at the Bartender's Ball

*A guy stealing the inflated Bacardi bottle, and a woman chasing him down.
*A woman named Molly who loved nice people and her gay friend who kept yelling "Pride!"
*Men and woman doing shots from the ice luge at Pravda.

I had a good time at the Bartender's Ball at the Merchandise Mart on Sunday, but I still liked it at the Adam's Mark better. The hotel felt warmer than the concrete of the Merchandise Mart. Plus, it seemed like the bars were more into it. I remember folks at the Palomino dressed up as Britney Spears last year.

When we arrived at 9 p.m., only a handful of people were on the dancefloor, but two hours later the floor was packed. Girls grooved on a platform near the DJ booth, couples danced, strangers boogied. Packs of friends danced together in the back. Partiers wore everything from Hawaiian shirts to satin dresses to suit and ties.

The ball is a great place try out new beers and liquors. I saw all kinds of flavored vodkas and rums that I didn't know about. I tasted a raspberry beer - too girly; loved an 1800 silver tequila and a bourbon. The only problems is that there wasn't enough water available for partiers. The guys at the Connolly's booth were nice enough to give me a couple of bottles.

RJ Gators had the best drink. It was called the Zoo. It had rum, amaretto, a splash of Bud Light and some green stuff. It was tasty, but with that many liquors it was a recipe for a bad hangover. I didn't mess with it.

Pravda showed off their infused vodkas -- watermelon and peach-ginger. Pravda had the most popular ice shot luge as well. The Uptown Cabaret area was cool. It was a lounge with leather sofas and lamps light. The lamps were a needed bonus because the main room was so dark. Uptown's area was tasteful, and their lemon drop shots were yummy.

The Irish crew -- Connolly’s, Madison's and the Attic -- had a hopping section in the other room. The Attic had a tasty Tuaca and Red Bull shot, but you had to get it chilled or it tasted like cough syrup. I didn't catch much of the bands, but the DJs kept people dancing and most folks seemed to have fun.

Were you there last night? What did you think? Any funny stories to share?