Monday, May 08, 2006

It's a party blog, but...Monday equals "24"

It's time for our weekly "24" update. I missed last week because I was hanging out at the Wachovia Championship.

Chloe is forever my woman. Double-zapping the drunk guy with the Taser last week was great. Wouldn't the club experience be different if more women carried Tasers? We wouldn't have to worry about being harassed at a club if guys started dropping like flies after being zapped when they became obnoxious? Just a thought.

I'm digging the Homeland Security lady now. I'm telling you, women are about to take over the show -- The President's wife, Chloe, the Homeland Security lady...The bomb.

I have to admit, tonight's plot line with the president authorizing the military to shoot down the passenger airliner is too much. We'll see what happens.