Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Partying at Tangerine

When we walked inside of Treasure Island hotel, a man handed us free passes to Tangerine nightclub. The line for the club stretched back into the casino area on Friday.

We hopped into the VIP line. I showed the guy my ID and he asked for my VIP card. I gave him a $20. He let us in. (I learn fast. Sookie sookie, now!)

Tangerine was a mixed bag.
The crowded dance floor dominated the club. There’s a drum kit above the bar, but no one played while we were there. Every now and then, women danced on the bar. Women also danced on platforms in the two large VIP lounge areas. Tangerine had my favorite DJ of the weekend. He knew how to mix, and spun Top 40, smatterings of rock, classic hip-hop, and hip-hop songs I’d never heard before - a rarity in today’s club scene.

But Tangerine is wannabe posh. It had the look, but the floor was sticky as heck and the people were kind of scraggly-looking.