Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Not craving Krave

The DJ was killing me.
During Girl Bar, a weekly lesbian party held in a section of Krave dance club (kind of like the Forum’s Pravda lounge), the DJ played “Survivor,” Janet Jackson's “All for You,” Nelly’s “Hot in Herre,” and a bunch of other dusty hits over the course of at least an hour.

I finally asked if she had any contemporary music. She looked offended. Whatever.
I told her everything she was playing was at least two or three years old. She said people had been telling her that all night. Um, hello. Change your music then. She didn’t.

Her whack skills put a damper on an already weak party.
Still, the spot was cute, especially compared to the places where most lesbian parties take place. In Charlotte, we’re lucky to have the parties at Wine Up, but the other spots are booty.

Despite the bad deejaying, most of the 50-75 women in attendance got their $15 worth and danced. The partiers were a mix of locals and tourists of all ages and ethnicities. One group of women paraded around as if they were the cutest women in the spot. (They weren’t that cute, but the pickings were slim.)

Two go-go dancers worked the stage. One tried to undulate on a pole that was so rickety it looked as if it would fall over if she held it too tightly.

By the way, there are also weekly Girl Bar parties in Los Angeles, Chicago and Palm Springs. (I hope those are better than the one in Vegas.)