Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A conga line in a German restaurant

When my friends and I walked inside the cavernous Hofbrauhaus restaurant, we heard a band rocking a German song. As we sat down, members of the Rothseepower German band - many of the guys didn’t speak English - raised liter-sized mugs in the air and yelled “Ein Prosit!”

We looked around wondering what the bleep was going on.
After one bock beer and an order of brats and pretzels, I had my mug in the air yelling “Ein Prosit, oi, oi!” with everyone else. Before the night was over, a German tourist would chug a beer on stage, a conga line would snake through the restaurant, a couple of girls would join the band on stage, and we all would dance to Rothseepower singing “Proud Mary” - at our table’s request.

It was Wednesday, and my first night in Las Vegas after camping for four days. It only got better.