Thursday, January 11, 2007

Adios Comedy Zone, Mint Condition coming

Tony Rock performed at the Comedy Zone last year. Photo courtesy the Comedy Zone

First, the good news:
Mint Condition will perform at Amos’ Southend on Jan. 25. Showtime is 8 p.m. Tickets go on sale on Monday at Advance tickets are $30.

Now, the bad news:
The Comedy Zone uptown closed after its New Year’s Eve show. Its lease ended, and co-owner Brian Heffron says he’s looking for a new spot. Right now, however, he’s opening five other Comedy Zones in other states, and hasn’t had time to focus on Charlotte. He has looked at several buildings, and says there’s a possibility the club may not be uptown because property is so expensive.

Boo! The Comedy Zone is a strong addition to uptown, and gives uptown partiers an alternative to bars and restaurants. It complements the performing arts facilities, and helps draw people uptown who wouldn’t normally come here. Plus, it’s so easy to leave the Comedy Zone and have drinks at a nearby bar.

My favorite show at the Comedy Zone uptown was Dave Chappelle back in April 2004.

What was your favorite show there? Post your replies below.


Anonymous said...

You should ask them if they are looking to relocate to the Epicentre project. I'd heard a rumor that a comedy club was to be part of that project.

Anonymous said...

We are moving the club...can't say where yet!

Check out the other 2 "Comedy Zone" clubs in the area!

Mathhews, NC

Belmont, NC

Anonymous said...

I read somewhere a few months vack that they were possibly moving into the EpiCenter.
Does anyone know if that fell through ?

Anonymous said...

My favorite was Pauly Shore! James Gregory is a close second.

Anonymous said...

The Comedy Zone is not moving to the Epicentre

DT said...

There is a need for alternative entertainment Uptown. Whether at the EpiCenter or elsewhere, we need to encourage the owners to find a new spot.

BTW, your '24' skit was WHACK!

Anonymous said...

It's GOT TO stay in the center city.
What REAL city has no comedy club in it's downtown ?
Moving it out would be a terrible decision. I for one would not go. I enjoy being able to spend the entire evening in one place such as uptown. Dinner, Comedy Zone, clubs afterwards. The days of treking all over Charlotte to complete an evening are over.
Get with it. Stay at the core.

Anonymous said...

Wherever it goes, it needs to be smoke-free. I have gone to both Comedy Zones uptown and Matthews, and the no-smoking section uptown is a joke. The smoke is so thick at the Matthews location that I never plan to go back. Listen to the needs of your MAJORITY customers and make all future locations smoke-free! For my health and for the health of everyone else. I hate reeking of smoke when I leave, not to mention aggravating my asthma.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Dunham and Peanut is the best show every year. Get the "Arguing With Myself" DVD from or It should stay uptown, it was a good location. There are a couple new Zones in the area.

And yes the 24 skit was whack.

Anonymous said...

Jamie Kennedy. But of course it's because I've always liked him.