Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Partying in Ballantyne

I don’t understand Ballantyne partiers.

Saturday, I bar-hopped between Village Bistro, Vesuvio Pizzeria and Villa Antonio.

Village Bistro is the place to sit and talk with friends. I understand that, but I don’t understand the people who want to dance.

At Vesuvio, DJ E-Luv mixed current stuff such as DJ Unk’s “Walk It Out,” Jay-Z’s “Show Me What You Got” along with the Bee Gees’ “Stayin’ Alive.” Yet only 20 or so people danced.

At Villa Antonio, a woman basically let one song play, and then she played another. Think of a house party, pre-iPod. And people paid $5 for that. Everyone was dancing and having fun, but I still don’t understand why more people gravitated to the place with the skill-less DJ.

It's not just Ballantyne. People will pay good money to hear average DJs spin the same stuff they hear on the radio for free at places such as Brick and Barrel, Phil's Deli and Connolley's, but won't support DJs who really know how to spin. What's the deal? Post your replies below.


Anonymous said...

It's quite simple. 99% of establishment owners are just too cheap to come off the hip and pay a quality entertainer (a truely skilled dj) what they are worth. Also most don't realize the return value on the initial investment. Go on the cheap for a button pushin' dj-wannabe and you get what you pay for.

Unfortunately it's virtually a lost art. Real dj's that beat-mix,
revive memories with favorites and create new ones with breaking hits should be appreciated.

Want to have better entertainment at your local establishment?
Then tell the management as you're walking out the door with your money.

Support your local (talented) dj!

Anonymous said...

I think the "DJ Mentality" on the owners/operators behalf has gotten out of control to put it mildly.

Seems as though any and every place that serves booze and is open til late seems to think they need a "DJ" playing tunes, when in reality all they really need is a jukebox.

This especially goes for venues uptown that aren't dance clubs, like Dixies. Instead of a cool jukebox loaded with a variety of songs, we're treated to some drunk boob who plays the same,overplayed, worn-out list of cheesy songs punctuated by some drunken, obnoxious warbling and dumb "shout-outs" over the microphone every 2 minutes.

Jackalope Jacks on 7th is a good example of a pub that doesn't have a DJ and does just fine with a jukebox brimming with a great mix of songs you won't hear on the radio. Plus, it provides another revenue stream for the pub, and it's not saddled with the "same-ole same-ole" feeling of a person who's just playing songs off CDs they think people want to hear. Not exactly what I'd call a "dj" either.

Anonymous said...

Don't overlook the fact that at bars such as Connolley's, Brick and Barrel, etc, you can actually get a drink when you want one without battling the booty-grinding masses.

I think we all can agree that the musical selections are generally substandard at the places we'd prefer to go, but I'll take the volume at Brick & Barrel or Connolley's over the debilitating beats of the former "Forum" or outrageous decibel level of "crap rock band or teeny-bopper act of the week" at Dixie's or Cans.

Anonymous said...

I prefer going places without DJ's and jukeboxes are a great alternative. I agree with the poster who says that they don't want to same-old same-old songs and the drunken banter. If I want to hear "shout outs" and posturing by someone behind a turntable I'll head to a dance club. On the other hand if I want to go somewhere, have a drink and listen to music that's when the juke box is ideal. I even like this new trend of iPod nights where patrons become the DJs.

I'm sure there are those who like DJs and the atmosphere it brings and I don't deny that there are some cosmically talented people spinning out there. However, not every circus in town needs a Master of Ceremonies.

Long Live the Jukebox.

Alex said...

I agree with anonymous 1:21 pm. I'd much rather go to a place with a cool jukebox (or, alternatively, a place with a band-ANY BAND, playing ANY kind of music) than go somewhere with some idiot with an oversize white t-shirt and gelled hair "spinning" the same old songs from 95.1.

What this town needs is more places willing to pay a band to play.

Anonymous said...

What's the big deal? You like it when a DJ mixes things up and adds their touch to the songs. Other people just like to dance to the songs they hear on the radio without DJ interference. Sometimes all those spin-masters do is butcher a decent song. And paying $5 for a plain vanilla DJ is no worse than paying $11 for one cocktail at the bar, when the ABC store in the same shopping center sells the entire bottle of liquor for that price.

Mike said...

Because this is Charlotte, and people don't know how to party.

Anonymous said...

Villa Antonio is a classy Italian restaurant that turns itself into a rap music bar which is stupid, then to charge $5 cover is too bad. There are still not enough places to go in Charlotte with variety.

Anonymous said...

Baby, I don't know how many times I have to tell you this. THIS IS CHARLOTTE. Not the same Charlotte as the laste 60's early 70's when it was cool. When the bank moved in and took over, the city DIED. And who goes to Ballantyne to party? WHY would you?

Anonymous said...

True. There is too much botox in Ballantyne to party.