Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Robin Thicke coming to Amos'

Robin Thicke brings his sultry falsetto to Amos’ Southend on Dec. 2. It’s a Camel cigarette promotion.

Tickets can be purchased at www.amossouthend.com. Or you can register for free tickets at www.camelsmokes.com. I’ll warn you, if you aren’t already registered with Camel, be prepared to give up 15 minutes to answer a zillion questions. Oh, and don’t try using a fake mailing address. It won’t accept your registration.

Once registered, click on "Events." Under "City/State" use the dropdown menu to select "Charlotte." Click on "Thicke" and you’ll see an orange circle next to the date. Click on that to print your ticket.

Last year, Thicke released the multi-platinum selling “The Evolution of Robin Thicke,” which featured the hits “Lost Without U” and “Can U Believe,” “Wanna Love U Girl.”

This summer, he opened for Beyonce at the Bobcats Arena.


Anonymous said...

This concert sponsored by the letter "U". Thank U.

Chris Littmann said...

Any idea who he is bringing with him? I see it says "with special guest" on the Amos web site.

chynawilliams said...

Why is there not a seating chart for Amos'? I going out of my mind wondering where I will be in relation to this talented, sexy man! HELP!
--Monique W

Tonya Jameson said...

Amos' doesn't have seats. It's a concert club. If you want to be near the lil' cutie you need to arrive early so you can stand in front of the stage.