Friday, November 02, 2007

Jill Scott says Charlotte is best

I only wanted to hear Jill Scott sing three songs: “A Long Walk,” “It’s Love” and “Hate on Me.”
On Thursday at Amos’ Southend, she sang those as well during her more than hour-long set. She gave fans plenty of tunes from her previous two albums, such as “Golden” as well as cuts off “The Real Thing,” such as “Crown Royal” and “My Love.”

Scott gave her typical stirring performance, talking with fans, scatting, hitting notes that “American Idol” contestants will unsuccessfully imitate and giving fans soul music.

Nearly 1,000 people, including Bobcats owner Bob Johnson and Panther player Kris Jenkins, filled Amos’ Southend for the Bailey’s Get Together concert. Charlotte is one of several stops on the promotional tour to promote Bailey’s liquor. The tour features free concerts by Scott who is sometimes accompanied by John Legend. In the days leading up to the tour, Bailey’s hosted tasting events at Rustic Martini and Madison’s.

This is the third time Bailey’s distribution company Diageo has hosted one of its free concerts here. They’ve also brought The Roots and Common to Grand Central. You’d think that by now, the company would be able to get people inside the concert venue faster, but the line to get inside Amos’ stretched down both sidewalks in front of the club. It was it usual chaos.

Once inside though, the lines to the bar moved quickly and there were flat screen TVs promoting the tour. Upstairs was a VIP section with drink specials and servers offering light appetizers. There were a few ottomans and small tables as well. Johnson had an even more private VIP area upstairs in the front corner. A couple of young hotties that were probably less than half his age were part of his entourage. He mostly stayed in his private area. Jenkins was his usual affable self, talking to people.

In a two-question interview after the show, Scott said Charlotte was one of the best crowd’s she’s performed for. And she promised that she doesn’t say that everywhere. She also said, response to her album has been overwhelming.


Tonya Jameson said...

From Carlos (security guard):

I felt compelled to share my views on a few things that have been on my mind and really came to a head last night during the Jill Scott event at Amos� Southend. I always feel a tinge of joy when I attend an event sponsored by a Black promoter, especially one like Mike Kitchen who continuously delivers to us THE best REAL artist in the industry. I feel good when I see Black professionals and up and comers socializing and having a good time. What really upsets me is when some of us don�t know how to act and spoil it for others.

1) Last night we had grown men pushing women out of the way just so they wouldn�t get past them to get closer to the stage.

2) We had grown people disrespecting each other by not getting in line and bogarting their way through the line.

3) We had people COMPLAINING about the event and it was FREE!

4) We had people upset because Miss Scott wouldn�t come OUTSIDE immediately after performing to sign autographs. On a side note, she DID come and sign autographs inside and outside of Amos�, then she went to Jillian�s and hung out.

I do several events a week and I deal with White and Black promoters on the regular as well as White crowds and the occasional Asian crowd. By far the Black crowds are the hardest to deal with and the most demanding. EVERYBODY wants the hook up no matter what inconvenience they may cause.

It is such a shame that most club owners are leery about dealing with us because we are not only tight fisted money-wise, but also because we sometimes conduct ourselves in a less than desirable manner. We want the VIP treatment but then act like we have no sense whatsoever. VIP doesn�t mean that you run the event or have the option of making special demands of the staff.

Anonymous said...

Tonya I think the comment about Bob Johnson is hilarious! One Love!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Carlos, I used to be a server and it was miserable at times due to some people not knowing how to act. In all fairness, the customers that did know how to act, treated me respectfully and tipped me well.

Anonymous said...

Gosh! I know it can be rough dealing with the party folks. I'm proud of you for standing up for positive and critiquing the negative with clear and concise insight. What I would like to piggy back and add is that those who read this take a self-assessment. I did. Thanks Carlos for pointing out our faults in a caring and respectful manner. I rather it come from you then to hear it on the conservative radio station or white politicians stereo-typing us all as uncivilized. Now it is up to us to be advised and implement change.